Frequently Asked Questions


what does "commissioning a painting" mean?

In art, commissioning a painting means to request the creation of a piece unique to an individual. "From concept to completion, the client and artist work together to bring an idea to reality." 

You will Provide this information

  • What size would you like your painting (or paintings) to be?

  • are there certain colors or shades of color that you would like to have included in the painting?

  • do you have a budget or deadline?

This will help clearly convey your expectations. 


Where can I purchase your artwork?

There are a few ways to purchase my artwork:

  • shop available works through www.paremilie.com by clicking shop and selecting "shop available works"

  • commission a painting (uniquely made for you) by clicking artwork and selecting "commission" or sending an e-mail to: paremilie@gmail.com

  • shop home decor by clicking shop and selecting "home decor"


do you have a question?

Send me an e-mail paremilie@gmail.com and I'll be glad to answer any of your questions!